Remember these problems of conventional cooling systems?

Like, for example, flexible connections using plastics which can only withstand pressures of between 2 bar and maximum 6 bar.
  • Misalignment caused by recoil
  • Only capable of supplying low, non-focused cooling power
  • Of limited use when grinding with Borazon and diamond cutting disks
  • Sensitive to vibrations, requiring frequent readjustment and replacement.


Our new stainless steel coolant feed systems make these problems a thing of the past. Flexipipe:

  • is dimensionally stable and versatile. The self-sealing ball socket joints allow flexible adjustment of the coolant feed system before final tightening, allowing the coolant stream to be pre-adjusted at low pressures.
  • After tightening the lock-nuts the coolant feed system is rigid and stable, even during pressure build-up and continuous operation.
  • Suitable for high pressures up to 150 bar, directing a controlled flow of coolant on to high speed machining processes - with pinpoint precision.
  • Stainless steel make this system ideal for extended operations, guaranteeing long lifetimes - even with aggressive fluids.